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I founded Rising Phoenix Health and Wellness Coaching because I have been a type 2 diabetic for 13 years and I know the frustration, anxiety, stress and overwhelm you feel when you are first diagnosed. I also know newly diagnosed patients are thirsty for information, overwhelmed by common myths, stereotypes and misconceptions. Let’s face it, there is a lot of contradictory information out there. The task becomes how do I know what tips, tools and strategies will work for me? Have you ever asked yourself what is the missing piece of my wellness puzzle?

I want to help you navigate your way through all of this information and set you up for success on your wellness journey so that you can experience more peace, calm and ease when it comes to your diabetic care. So are you ready to get started???

Step 1: Join my Facebook group at www.facebook.com/risingphoenixhealth and you will receive posts, inspiration, recipes as well as tips, tools and strategies for managing your diabetes.

Step 2: Next check out the resources page on my website. You will find the following four resources that have helped my clients achieve better control.

  • Managing High/Low Blood Sugars
  • Blood Sugar Reading Conversion Table
  • Plate Method
  • Portion Guide

Step 3: I am inviting you to sign up for the “25 Tips for Recently Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetics”. This is a pdf I created with 25 tips that will help you bring your blood sugar numbers down and that you can put into practice right away. When you sign up for this guide, you will become part of my mailing list and you will receive a monthly newsletter and be the first to be updated about upcoming events.

Step 4: YEAH!!! Congratulations you made it to step 4, if you would like a free consultation with me to discuss issues that are coming up for you because of you are diabetic. You can schedule your appointment here: 


When you schedule you appointment, you will receive two additional bonuses:

  • A pdf copy of the Diabetic Wellness Wheel
  • A pdf copy of the Diabetic Food Guide


“I was in a 5 Day Challenge this past week and I met the wonderful Kim McKay! I’m on my last day of this 5 Day Challenge that I’ve embarked on with about 800 other highly gifted Coaches and Holistic Practitioners. They are all amazing. But, there is one person who really stood out and inspired me, and I want to give her a huge shout out! 
Kim McKay has overcome the struggle of high blood sugars, using medications/insulin, depression and having zero energy.
And she has dedicated herself to helping people who have been recently diagnosed and women who have been diagnosed with diabetes as a result of their pregnancies.

Her clients get results. Specifically, weight loss, joy, reduced stress and increased sense of self-confidence so that they can manage the rollercoaster journey that high blood sugars can sometimes be.  I have struggled with high blood sugars myself, so I know how challenging and painful it can be AND, how important Kim’s work is.  But, what I most appreciate about Kim McKay is her honesty, her skill and her kindness. 

If you are struggling with high blood sugars at all, PM me, or comment below, I would be happy to introduce you to Kim McKay.   May anyone who wishes for better blood sugar control, less medication/insulin and more energy, get the help they need.”


-Georgia Lee London-

I was in a 5 Day Challenge

GM everyone I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes April and my numbers at the time HBA1C was 17. I had no clue about this disease so I joined a support group and I asked for help my dr.gave me this advice watch your carbs and lose weight but anywho  Kim told me she could help me and I jumped at the chance. She is a lifesaver following her advice my #’s stay in range my diabetes is controlled and my hba1c is 7.0 my goal is to be able to keep it controlled through a healthy lifestyle…
Clara P.

She is a lifesaver following her advice

Kim McKay understands the challenges faced every day by those of us managing our Type 2 Diabetes.  Always compassionate, she offers practical and simple solutions through her step-by-step guide to improved Health and Wellness.  With Kim’s gentle urging, I became more aware of how I could take better care of myself, increase my longevity and avoid the pitfalls Diabetics must be constantly mindful of.  Thank you, Kim and Rising Phoenix, I am infinitely grateful for the positive self-care habits we created together and I look forward to loving my number. <3

Andrea R.

Understands the challenges faced every day by those of us managing our Type 2 Diabetes
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